Business Trips Management Get your business trips planning and settlement process improved

Record your work and travel hours, streamline the process of business trip settlement and share the documents with others. Use the mobile OCR technology to scan receipts or invoices and fill the required settlement forms - anywhere, anytime.

About the solution

Business Trip Management is an IT system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform, which allows for effective planning and management of business trips and settlement of their expenses in each organization.

With Business Trip Management Productive24 you can easily:

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    Maintain a consistent and up to date register of all business trips and store them in one safe place.

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    Ensure the accuracy of processes such as business trip planning, keeping a record of business trips as well as their settlement; all in accordance with existing procedures.

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    Monitor the status of each business trip – from initial approval to the final stage (business trip settlement).

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    Search, filter, and sort your business trips by chosen criteria.

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    Automatically calculate business trip allowances, convert exchange rates, and report working time and travel time constantly during the trip.

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    Link a selected business trip to a specific project or client and measure the cost of client acquisition or ROI.

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    Create individual reports and comparisons. Automatically create settlements for many participants.

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    Settle the advance payments, scan necessary documents with the aid of the mobile, offline OCR functionality and settle documents on an on-going basis.

Sample system functionalities

Planning a business trip

Creating a business trip draft with the most important information needed to estimate the cost and profitability of the trip, and to obtain an acceptor approval.

  • Entering all necessary information, such as the objective, agenda, destination, duration, participants, estimated cost, necessary advance payments or allowances.
  • The settlement of business trip expenses available as a part of the certain project to determine its percentage share in the total cost of the project.
  • Booking company cars during the business trip planning stage, available from the shared calendar visible to employees.
  • Connecting the app with popular travel platforms such as or KAYAK.
  • Supporting the process of business trip approval, various paths of acceptance (e. g. depending on the total cost of the trip).

Business Trip Form

After the draft of the business trip is accepted, all information necessary for the settlement can be easily added.

  • Automatic calculation of business trip allowances or reimbursements.
  • Entering current expenses by all participants, attaching receipts and invoices also with the aid of mobile OCR technology.
  • Multidimensional cost analysis with division into the cost centers. Reporting working time and travel time.
  • Automatic update of currency exchange rate according to the current NBP rate.

Settlement of travel expenses – documents sharing

Sharing the form, necessary to settle business trip expenses, with other trip participants.

  • Template designed specifically for a certain type of business trip, which can be easily used by other participants (automatic calculation of the daily subsistence allowance for all participants is made after entering the date of departure by one of the participants).
  • Cost documents can be added to the one form by all participants.

Controlling and the settlement of business trip expenses

Conducted by the financial department, the simple process of the settlement of business trip expenses including entered expenditures, allowances, and advanced payments.

  • Providing a comparison of planned costs versus real costs incurred.
  • Settlement of advances, taking into account the difference in exchange rates between countries.
  • Automatic settlement of business trip expenses conducted in the system by the financial department.


Storing both planned and archival business trips in one central place.

  • A summary of the projects in which the selected business trip is part of.
  • Visible status of the business trip, the estimated and actual cost incurred, the start and end of the journey.
  • Filtering, sorting, as well as searching for specific items.

“Around 40% states that they do not know whether their organization has a specific business trip policy”.


Business Trip Management Productive24 guarantees:

A transparent business trip policy



A clear division into given stages. All of them adapted to the requirements of the organization. Ensuring unification of the business trip management process in accordance with internal travel policies.



Planning and controling the costs



Multidimensional analysis and control of estimated costs conducted during the early stage of planning by adding all necessary information about approximate costs. All before the trip is agreed.



Automation and optimization 



Improved communication between departments, improved flow of information, and secure data collection were made possible by automation of the whole business trip management process.




Online, offline, omnichannel

All Productive24 functions are available both in the WEB application (online, RWD technology) and in the form of native mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 10, which work offline.

Business Apps Ecosystem


Each system built on the basis of the Productive24 platform can be easily combined with other solutions. The business trip management system can be linked to systems such as:



Organizational management

Fleet management, EDF, budgets, expenditures, invoicing requests for the financial departments in case of the reimbursement.

Project management

Business trips being part of the project can automatically affect the remain cost/budget of that project.


The cost of a particular business trip can be assigned to a given client from the CRM database and treated as a part of the customer acquisition cost.

Contract management

In case of the business trip being part of the contract terms, the system ensures an additional layer of parameter protection ( e.g. limits for the reimbursement).

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