Our latest e-book ‘’HR surveys” is now available!

Jolanta Kozak
Our latest e-book ‘’HR surveys” is now available!
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Are you responsible for designing HR surveys in your company? Take a look at our latest publication on how the HR department can effectively use surveys and how to automate the process of their conducting. Explore our database of nearly 140 questions covering various operational areas and feel free to use them in your surveys!

The importance of conducting employee surveys in the HR

Employee surveys are a valuable tool for both the HR department and the Management Board. Properly designed with adequate questions, they can not only provide information on the functioning of the company but also measure employee engagement and satisfaction as well as collect feedback on the processes taking place in the company. Thus, they become one of the most important tools for decreasing the employee turnover rate and building a friendly working environment.

How to leverage the potential of employee surveys in the organization?

”HR surveys” is a comprehensive guide to what and how we can measure in an organization. This e-book will give you a bright understanding of what areas in the organization should be measured, how to leverage the potential of employee surveys in the entire employee journey, what are survey best practices, how to automate the process and what are the benefits of conducting surveys for the management board, HR department and employees.

Questions database

This e-book contains nearly 140 sample questions on various areas of the organization – from recruitment and onboarding, through performance appraisals and feedback, to offboarding. What kind of surveys are included?

  • Candidate experience
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organizational Culture
  • Onboarding assessment
  • Competency assessment
  • Post-training evaluation survey
  • Remote work survey
  • Employee benefits satisfaction survey
  • Exit interview

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