Productive24 wins IDG Computerworld contest

Jolanta Kozak
Productive24 wins IDG Computerworld contest
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It is with great satisfaction that we would like to announce that the Productive24 platform has won IDG Computerworld’s “Best in Cloud” competition in the “Best start-up” category.

Productive24 enables the construction of sophisticated multi-platform, multilingual, cloud-based IT systems without the participation of programmers. The programming automation applied in Productive24 solves the problems of prolonged, costly IT system development and staff shortages within the industry. The built-in tools of the platform such as:

  • full mapping of the organization’s structure,
  • an advanced authorization system,
  • teamwork features (a chat, notification and comment system, social functions),
  • creators/wizards and generators of forms, applications, documents and processes,
  • OCR,
  • a flexible search engine and others

allow appropriately trained business analysts to easily build advanced, mutually permeating and interdependent business applications for various purposes (e.g. tailored HR solutions).

With Productive24, business applications are implemented instantly and at a relatively low cost (custom development at the price of box solutions), which enables organizations to immediately realize their business goals without IT constraints, and creating separate environments for new customers only takes a few to several dozen/to about a dozen or so minutes.

Digitization of business processes by means of Productive24 ensures control over any processes in an organization (accountability, task execution, a simple delegation of responsibilities in a structured process) – both in the context of easy addition of new features and in the context of global data security and authorization management. The particular system features and documents created in Productive24 can be made available to all employees or specific groups of employees, or to individuals specified in a hierarchical manner. Individual powers can also be granted. With special security settings, access for individual employees can be restricted even to the level of single records in the database.

The architecture of the solution allows instant integration of on-premise systems and off-premise cloud solutions and migration to the public cloud anytime and anywhere in the world.

What is also very important, the innovative way of building software in Productive24 (algorithms instead of programmers) has been combined with deployment automation and cloud sharing. The migration of Productive24-based solutions to the public cloud is easy and does not require significant effort. As regards the implementation of the solutions, the production deployment of new modules or new versions of applications does not require long and costly maintenance breaks, and for the end-user, the whole process is virtually unnoticeable as it takes place “on the fly”. Thanks to the architecturally guaranteed continuity of operation, Productive24 provides the possibility of implementing new versions without service interruptions, at the same time increasing the availability time of web applications. If necessary, a quick recovery of the old version of the system can be done in just a few clicks. Thanks to the applied technologies, Productive24 also ensures high scalability of provided services, while the management of the whole infrastructure is very convenient.

More information about using Productive24 in practice, you can find in the Case Study, in which we describe in detail how the DANONE group of companies has migrated their outdated Lotus Notes solutions and what have they gained thanks to switching to the modern budgeting and promotional campaigns planning tool built in Productive24.

About Productive24

The Productive24 platform is a start-up within the Polish group of technology companies  eLeader, which has been creating its own IT products for business for nearly two decades. eLeader is a pioneer of mobile solutions employed by banks and multinational corporations, such as Tchibo, Danone, Lindt, BIC, LG, Lenovo, Samsung and other well-known brands. eLeader solutions, implemented in more than 80 countries around the world, are also recognized in rankings of the most prominent analytical companies, such as Gartner, POI, Forrester and Juniper Research.

Double podium for eLeader 

In this year’s edition of the “Best in Cloud” contest, the creator of the Productive24 platform, eLeader, also received the main prize in the category “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Cloud Solutions “ for eLeader Shelf Recognition AI. Thanks to the application of a special neural network, eLeader Shelf Recognition AI enables automatic recognition and analysis of products and prices on store shelves. The solution considerably enhances the performance of sales representatives and sets new prospects for sales strategies in the field.

About the Best in Cloud contest

The Best in Cloud contest organized by Computerworld seeks to popularize and promote the most effective ways of using cloud technologies. The jury made up of CIOs of large organizations decided to award prizes to eLeader. The results of the contest were announced during the Best in Cloud conference with almost half a thousand attendees.