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HR moves to a higher level

A tailor-made HR system? We are proud to present HRM Productive24 – a fully flexible system that organizes and automates human resources and human capital management. ...

10 min.

What awaits retail in the future? Summary of Retail Summit 2019

12 April 2019
Paweł Więsek

Retail Summit 2019, the largest conference in Poland dedicated to the Retail&FMCG sector, gathered representatives of the world's leading brands. ...

8 min.

The role of the modern COO – a report from the Chief Operating Officer Summit 2019

1 April 2019
Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak

Technology, effectiveness, change management, automation and robotization - these and many other themes were discussed by the speakers at the COO Summit 2019 organized in Warsaw....

1 min.

“Productive24 revolutionizes the IT sector”

22 March 2019
Paweł Więsek

How to reduce costs and accelerate the implementation of custom-built IT systems? Answers to these and other questions can be found in article published by "Puls Biznesu". ...

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Productive24 featured in the top Polish technology blog, the Spider’s Web.

21 March 2019
Paweł Więsek

“From a blank sheet to a sophisticated system for business. Productive24 will shorten and simplify the creation of IT systems."...