Leroy Merlin wins the ‘Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji’ award for the implementation of Productive24!

26 June 2023
Karolina Felczak
Leroy Merlin wins the ‘Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji’ award for the implementation of Productive24!
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We are thrilled to announce that Leroy Merlin has been recognized with the ‘Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji’ Award during the largest (over 1,000 attendees) LowCode/NoCode/RPA/Chatbot conference in Poland!

The 7th edition of the HyperAutomation (Pl. “HiperAutomatyzacja”) conference, an event organized by Andrzej Sobczak, a professor at the Warsaw School of Economics, was divided into 2 thematic streams: managerial and technological. The speakers from companies such as Bank Pekao, Benefit Systems, Leroy Merlin, Medicover and Orange shared, in total, 23 case studies of the recent LowCode/NoCode/RPA or Chatbot implementations in their organizations.

About the award

The HyperAutomation conference was accompanied by the ‘Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji’ competition, which aimed to identify and honor the most successful hyperautomation projects carried out in Poland. We were very pleased to hear that Leroy Merlin Poland implementation of Productive24 was recognized by the jury in the category “Automation using LowCode or NoCode technology – large companies”.

Leroy Merlin Poland has won in the category of Automation with the use of LowCode or NoCode technology.

The awarded initiative involved the digital transformation of a key operational area at Leroy Merlin- the referencing process (i.e. introducing new products to the market and updating the product information). It has been one of the crucial IT projects at Leroy Merlin in recent years. The goal was to build (from scratch) and implement a solution for automating the completion of thousands of product references. The solution was called Workflow Tool and it was designed to serve over 1,000 Leroy Merlin suppliers. The application, built by a team of Productive24 analysts in just a couple of weeks, has brought a number of substantial and measurable benefits.

The background of the venture was also the subject of the case study presented during the conference by Samanta Krzemińska from Leroy Merlin and Paweł Gołubiak from Productive24.

The first low-code/no-code project in the organization on such a large scale

Considering the comprehensiveness of the entire referencing process and numerous actors involved (eight Leroy Merlin internal departments and over 1,000 suppliers), the Workflow Tool implementation was one of the most anticipated process improvements within the organization. That is why the choice of an appropriate technology was so important.. Building a solution of this class using traditional methods of software development would take many months of intensive efforts of numerous teams of programmers. Due to this, the retailer decided to choose a path which was in line with the hyperautomation trend. The low-code/no-code Productive24 selected in the tender process met all of Leroy Merlin’s expectations. It confirmed that the platform is able to meet even the most sophisticated business requirements, as it allows the construction of systems with complex business logic and enables safe and efficient work on large data sets. It was the first project of this scale at Leroy Merlin in which a low-code/no-code technology was used to automate the core operational process.

Samanta Krzemińska
Leroy Merlin Polska

Our experience in working with the Productive24 platform – and collaborating with the Productive24 team – has shown that such an approach to digitization and partnership should be a standard in the software providers market.

The bigger picture: changes in the business environment

Not only has the project contributed to increased efficiency of Leroy Merlin’s internal processes, but also had a significant impact on the business environment of the organization. As a result, Leroy Merlin has gained a comprehensive communication channel in the form of a B2B portal for all Leroy Merlin suppliers in Poland. Thanks to the solution built in Productive24, all information and communication related to the implementation of the process is easily accessible and centralized in one IT application, so the process has been improved not only internally, but it has also digitized part of the work of Leroy Merlin’s partners.

You can find more information about the project and its effects in the case study: “Workflow Tool – a customized B2B platform for Leroy Merlin and its 1,000 suppliers”

About Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is one of Europe’s largest DIY retail chains, offering building, finishing and decorative materials for individual customers and professionals. With over 13,000 employees and more than 70 large format stores, Leroy Merlin Poland serves 41 million customers annually.