Talent Management Platform

Jolanta Kozak
Talent Management Platform
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IT systems streamline and automate almost every aspect of your business. But are they really helpful in terms of such demanding aspects as talent programs?

What are talent management programs and why are they getting more and more popular?

Talent management Programs are organized, planned and formally framed. They are being used to help the company manage its human resources in terms of getting the right talent onboard and helping them grow to their optimal capabilities keeping organizational objectives in mind. The programs are focused around recruiting talented candidates or finding them inside the company in order to create an optimal career path that will strengthen their position and improve their competences.

In the corporations as well as in large companies, talent programs are created because they may help to generate a huge number of benefits. Those include:

  • Chances of getting and attracting valuable professionals and specialists;
  • Improving loyalty among the most valuable employees;
  • Higher quality of management through optimal functions allocation;
  • Reduction of burnout syndrome among key employees.

The role of talent management programs has changed over the last few years. It is no longer a solution for the chosen ones. Rather than focusing on specific employees, companies are focusing on the specific and desired competencies to invest in their development. This means that employees who are not treated as outstanding ones, but who have desired and strategic skills will be included in the talent development programs as well. It is also very crucial to emphasize the role of teamwork and individual capabilities that can be developed.

It is expected that talent management programs will be introduced by other companies, including even the medium-sized ones. However, this may be possible only when all the HR processes in these organizations will be optimized.

Talent Management Programs became a very challenging process for the HR Department

There is no single recipe for an effective Talent Management Program. The nature of the industry, the size of the organization, the existing organizational culture and even the location of individual branches can influence the structure of the program. An individual approach may be the most appropriate one. However, it has some significant disadvantages especially for the HR department.

  • Talent Management Programs are quite expensive – creating a unique program requires some consulting and coaching companies to be engaged. The cost of separate training is also significant.
  • Talent Management is time-consuming. The process of managing employee development is not the most important duty that belongs to the HR Department. It takes too much of their precious time especially when they are not equipped with appropriate tools.
  • A responsible development without gratification – it is very hard to manage the talent of people highest in the hierarchy. Even an HR manager can feel a little bit uncomfortable managing the talent of its superiors.
  • The Risk of Bias Assessment– The essence of talent programs is to identify the most promising employees and help them to develop their skills. However, people who have not qualified for the talent management program may feel a little bit abandoned.
  • Insufficient feedback – As talent management programs are unique it is very hard to assess their effectiveness. Even if they are perfectly designed, it is problematic to receive feedback.

Talent Management Programs despite being so beneficial are still perceived by the HR department as quite challenging. HR can help managers to get promoted and thus, they received their future support. What’s more HR employees have huge chances to take part in a program. However, they need an appropriate tool to do so.

Talent Management Platform

Talent management programs are quite unique but it is necessary to adjust internal strategy to manage them more precisely.  Talent Management platform supports the HR Department in various ways.

Decrease onboarding costs – Typical activities are automated, standard solutions are implemented together with the software. Instead of building a new internal information channel with the aid of an external consultant, you can use information already available in the organization.

HR is not overwhelmed anymore. Even the most ambitious talent program requires monitoring the details such as training and test dates, personal data processing, notifications and reminders to complete a survey, etc. An appropriate IT platform definitely helps to automate those activities.

A release of liability. Certainlythe HR manager is still responsible for the entire program, but thanks to the talent management platform, the process of selecting outstanding talents is now done with the aid of the system and its clear and transparent procedures rather than a manager himself.

Generating data. A complex and modern platform enables us to collect the data from all activities associated with the talent management process. Moreover, it is now easier to share the feedback, assess progress and optimize all costs.

To make talent management programs successful it is necessary to implement them as soon as possible.

HRM by Productive24

Talent Management Programs should be associated not only with the recruitment process, training and development, employee assessment but also with the whole strategy of the company and their plans for future expansion. The process of implementing a program should start with the selection of the right tool.  HRM Productive24 will be a perfect platform to meet the requirements of the modern organization. It is a complex ecosystem to manage human resources and human capital in the whole organization. HRM Productive24 enables to model any processes within the organization. including customized Talent Management Programs. The module build on Productive24 platform, make the whole communication process between various departments, employees, the board of directors and HR Specialists, much easier. Moreover, it automates repetitive activities and enables to use of the potential of all data gathered. As an example, we can take a look at the organization that wants to create a program to identify outstanding talents within the organization, measure their competences and monitor the most important indicators such as:

  • employee engagement (average working time during a certain period),
  • performance reviews (Assessment Module),
  • the quality of work, ex. tasks accomplished during a certain period of time, according to the schedule or valuation (Project Management Module or CRM),
  • performance indicators for certain departments such as sales department, production department etc. (MBO, OKR or KPI Module),
  • progress in new competences acquisition.

All that data can be found in one ecosystem of the app. Gathering all information relevant to the talent management program in one IT solution built on the Productive24 platform is undoubtedly a huge advantage for the company.