Productive24 as a patron of the annual HR Data Forum Conference

2 January 2020
Jolanta Kozak
Productive24 as a patron of the annual HR Data Forum Conference
2 min.

The main theme of HR Data Forum is based around issues of data analysis in modern HR Departments. We are pleased to announce that Productive24 became the patron of the event.

Participants of this year’s edition will have an opportunity to listen to many fascinating talks. For example:

  • Is it possible for HR to cooperate with the management team and the business itself in a profitable way?
  • How to effectively use predictive analysis in HR departments?
  • How to effectively use artificial intelligence in HR analysis?
  • Do discrete measurements in the HR make any sense?
  • How to efficiently use the organization’s technological resources for the HR department?
HRM Productive24 system fits perfectly into the main topic of HR Data Forum.

The HRM solution built on the Productive24 platform fits perfectly into the subject of HR Data Forum. Thanks to Productive24 technology, the system is as flexible as possible and can be easily adapted to changing business requirements. The system organizes and automates HR processes (from recruitment, through onboarding, HR administration, employee development, to off-boarding), but this is not the only thing offered by HRM Productive24. The system also offers Operations management, budgeting, project management, back-office process organization and much, much more.

More details available at: HRM Productive24.

We highly encourage you to take part in the event!