HRM Productive24 is among the top HR solutions

Karolina Felczak
HRM Productive24 is among the top HR solutions
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HR Tech is increasingly making its presence in the IT market year by year. How not to get lost in the maze of applications and choose those that meet our needs? The summary “Innovative solutions supporting HR in 2023” published by Forbes may be helpful and shed new light on these issues. The publication also features HRM Productive24.

HR Tech is increasingly making its presence on the IT market year by year. The emergence of new and development of current technologies, the changing needs of employers forced by the market, and finally the growing interest of organizations in the idea of ​​data-driven HR mean that tools to improve the work of HR departments are springing up like mushrooms. So, how not to get lost in the maze of applications and choose those that meet the organization’s needs?

A few days ago, Forbes magazine published a summary of innovative solutions supporting HR in daily work. It may be helpful for organizations whose aim is to improve these processes – not only in the context of optimization, but also in building positive employee experience throughout the organization.

How to choose an HR software?

It might seem that digital transformation affects almost every area of HR. However, numerous tools may bring a lot of difficulties when choosing an IT solution. The needs of organizations and HR departments are still changing, so the range of IT solutions is wide, especially in the area of employee well-being or development and talent acquisition.

Over the last years, we’ve noticed a change in HR specialists’ approach towards hiring employees and human resources management. The main trigger for change was the pandemic. Then the organizations moved their processes online and began to use the tools, which have been new and redundant so far. Moreover, remote work has become a permanent element of professional reality for various industries. As a result, organizations – especially those in which the home office wasn’t a common practice – had to develop solutions and set up rules (including legal ones). As it soon turned out that lack of physical presence in the office negatively affects relationships – employees began to feel the effects of social isolation, such as bad mood or a decrease in engagement. Therefore, organizations started to look for solutions to strengthen the bonds with remote employees as well as well-being applications became more and more needed.      

People analytics – data-driven HR          

Taking care of employee well-being is not the only trend we can clearly see in the new business reality. The role of data in HR is also growing year by year. The tools for assessing, measuring, and analyzing various processes in the organization may considerably support their evaluation and contribute to making the right decisions according to the people analytics approach. Thus, the HR platform should be flexible enough to allow the HR department to gradually increase the amount of collected data. Collecting and processing the data in one central place contributes to its standardization and gives an opportunity to use it better than before.

It is also worth keeping the gate open in the case of solution development or modification, especially as the rigid systems may generate high costs or be practically impossible to implement. Therefore, taking into account the changes in the market, the choice of a tool that will be fully scalable and expandable seems to be reasonable. Particularly if the organization is planning to automate various HR processes – from recruitment to offboarding.     

Employee life cycle – how to automate it?

Applications that streamline human resources management largely focus on supporting the organization in a certain area. However, considering how broad is the range of HR processes and how many activities are included in its scope, comprehensive HR management can be quite challenging. After all, the entire employee life cycle consists of several stages, and each of them (while properly managed) has the potential to build a positive employee experience.

According to Forbes, HRM Productive24 is a solution that comprehensively supports the management of the entire employee life cycle.

The main advantage of the solution is its outstanding flexibility – the tool has been built within a low-code/no-code platform Productive24. It enables the creation of highly sophisticated, global (multilingual), and multi-module IT systems in a significantly shorter time with much lower budgets than in the case of traditional software development. What other benefits does this technology provide?  

The platform’s capabilities become a huge technological advantage because all Productive24 applications can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of each company. Thanks to the customization possibilities, Productive24 is no longer forced to rely on rigid, ready-made HR solutions with a defined set of features (not always necessary). Moreover, the users see (and have access to) only functions and data they are authorized to – the application dynamically adapts to the policy of a given organization.

Productive24 applications are consistent, secure, easily scalable, and – what’s is also important – they can be built, implemented, and modified in a record time.

HRM Productive24 sample features

HRM Productive24 – key benefits:

  • All HR processes in one IT solution.
  • Unlimited customization opportunities depending on the individual needs of the organization (!)
  • Fast development and modification of new features – without any involvement of developers.
  • The solution works in a regular browser and as a native mobile application
  • Organizational structure, automatic notifications, communicator, spreadsheets, statistics, reports, and more built-in functions.
  • Native integration with dozens of Productive24 applications, e.g. to manage the organization, projects, business travels, contracts, budgeting, etc. 
  • Easy integration with HR and payroll systems.
  • High level of security and data protection.
  • Convenience of the employees – not need to switch between various applications and intuitive operation – all from the single applications.

Productive24 removes the barriers that are the main obstacles to the digitization of unique HR (and other) processes of large companies as well as the growing ones. In the case of dynamic development of the company and business scaling, the Productive24 platform ensures flexible adaptation of the solution to changing needs of the organization quickly and within the planned budget.   

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