Productive24 in the HR TECH Changer Report

29 November 2023
Jolanta Kozak
Productive24 in the HR TECH Changer Report
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We are pleased to announce that HRM Productive24 was mentioned in the latest HR Tech Changer Report which presents innovative solutions to support the HR services sector in Poland. The report was created by the Polish HR Forum.

As a response to the growing interest in HR technological solutions, in May 2023 the Polish HR Forum launched the HR Tech Changer contest. The main purpose was to promote the use of technology in HR,  as well as to review innovative solutions that significantly improve the efficiency of HR processes and support the sustainable development of the labor market. A recently published report is the aftermath of the competition. It is not only an overview of the available HR Tech solutions, that were part of the contest but also a valuable needs assessment in the Human Resource services sector in terms the portfolio development and modernization. It’s also a resource that will support any HR professional trying to find their way in the maze of new opportunities provided by the development of technology,” says Anna Wicha, president of the Polish HR Forum.

HRM/HCM all-in-one solution

The HRM Productive24 solution, mentioned in the report, is a set of applications that support the management of HR processes throughout the entire employee journey in the company. It covers recruitment, preboarding and onboarding, performance appraisal, MBO, OKR, competency assessment, knowledge management, training and development, e-documentation, electronic holiday requests, benefits management, and many other areas up to exit interview and offboarding. The solution is based on the Productive24 platform, which enables the creation of bespoke IT systems by business analysts, without the need to involve developers. Thanks to that, the HRM Productive24 can be easily adapted to the client’s needs and modeled following the company’s activities. Applied technology is therefore a huge advantage of the solution, as it allows to quickly adjust or even build from scratch the IT software that will meet all the business requirements of a given company and implement its specific processes.

Customization – a new dimension of HR automation

HRM Productive24 supports everyday HR operations and paves the way to rapid digitization of other organization's processes.

Improved over the years, HR processes remain valuable know-how and are often a crucial part of building competitive advantage. While properly structured processes are a driving force for the company, their automation, mostly because of the individual and specific procedures and workflows in the company, may become quite problematic.

Automating HR processes according to the company’s vision and needs doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming IT project. On the contrary: unique HR processes can be digitized and automated instantly and at no risk. And this is the greatest advantage of HRM Productive24. The solution supports companies in their everyday HR operations and paves the way to rapid digitization of other departments as well as the whole organization – without compromise. HRM Productive24 enables companies to improve their efficiency and build competitive advantage based on their unique processes. What’s more, the solution is ready for any future modifications and further development. The platform’s ability to be adapted to the specificity of each organization, as well as its capability to implement changes along with the changing business conditions, improves the operational agility of small, medium, and large enterprises.

360-degree view of your organization and People Analytics

And what if a company would like to automate its unique bonus calculation process and link it to, for let's say, individual or team goals? Such a solution can also be easily modeled in Productive24.

An essential value of the Productive24 platform is its ability to map any processes, including even those not related to HR, and combine them within one coherent system. The platform includes a broad portfolio of enterprise management solutions.

Thus, the processes reflected in Productive24 can interfere with, combine, and influence each other. For example, the recruitment application can be integrated with the budgeting module, enabling automatic control of personnel costs related to the employment plan. What’s more, a pre-boarding application can create tasks for administration and IT departments, e.g., for workstation preparation or access to IT systems. And what if a company would like to automate its unique bonus calculation process and link it to, for let’s say, individual or team goals? Such a solution can also be easily modeled in Productive24. These are just selected examples, as in Productive24 the possibilities for digitizing and linking different processes together are almost limitless.

The solution adapts to the enterprise, not the other way around and it can easily replace dozens of unrelated, inflexible, or outdated IT tools.  Platform receives updated data from any data sources such as other Productive24 apps or implemented systems. It can also share the data (to a certain extent) with external partners.

Tailor-made software – system implementation and development!

Is it necessary to implement all the applications that HRM Productive24 consists of at once? Of course not. Because of the modular design of the solutions, selected applications can be implemented separately. Thanks to this, the scope and the pace of the project could be adapted to the ongoing needs of the company, without the necessity for immediate implementation of all modules or functions.  

The flexible business model also allows the tool to grow gradually, adapting to the company’s growth rate.

How HRM Productive24 can help you to improve your daily work?

  • Automation of any HR processes – the flexible nature of the application allows for adapting it to the needs of your business.
  • Rapid modification and development – without the need to involve programmers, you can easily modify, expand, and implement new functions.
  • Working anywhere, anytime – Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile apps will let you work from anywhere in the world.
  • Improved communication – functions such as organizational structure, automatic notifications, communicator, or comments will improve the communication in the company.
  • Secure data management – Productive24 provides secure data storage as well as data filtering with advanced access rights management.
  • The elimination of data dispersion – as the HR platform is integrated with other Productive24 applications, you will avoid data dispersion and ensure consistency of HR analytics.
  • Smooth flow of information between departments – integrations with tens of Productive24 applications including business management, project management, settling business travel expenses, budgeting, contract management, and other business areas.
  • Automation of user and rights management – Productive24, after being integrated with any HR and payroll system, enables effective user management. By combining the aspects of soft and hard HR, you gain a self-service tool for employees.

How does it work? Check our demo!

How do Productive24 apps work? What added value can the data from other Productive24 applications, such as back-office solutions, project management, budgeting, and more, bring to HR processes and activities? How quickly can we adapt apps to changes? How much does it cost to build a bespoke solution? How does the implementation run? We highly encourage you to contact us – we will be happy to not only answer these questions but also to present the application and show the key benefits. Contact us so we can schedule a demo and provide you with a free consultation!

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The report is currently available in Polish on the main website of the Polish HR Forum.