HR moves to a higher level

Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak
HR moves to a higher level
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A tailor-made HR system? We are proud to present HRM Productive24 – a fully flexible system that organizes and automates human resources and human capital management.

What distinguishes HRM Productive24 from other solutions dedicated to HR departments?

The solution was built based on the Productive24 platform, therefore it works not only online (web, RWD), but also offline (iOS, Android, Windows10) and it can be quickly customized to the needs of an organization at a minimal cost – without programming. The HRM Productive24 features all the functions of various dedicated HR tools available on the market.

The solution enables, for example, the management of:

  • employment planning,
  • recruitment,
  • generating HR documents (contracts, referrals, applications),
  • electronic employee files updated dynamically during employment,
  • onboarding of employees, planning on-site training,
  • conducting e-training,
  • Enterprise Content Management,
  • teams (planning and approval of absences, settling travel expenses),
  • projects (e.g. Kanban, Gantt) and many others.

In addition, the system has built-in tools supporting group work and social functions such as an internal communicator (chat), comment system or tagging users with “@” symbol known from popular websites – all functions necessary in a modern organization (digital workplace). However, it is not its comprehensive functionality that is the greatest strength of the system.

In Productive24 programmers have been replaced with algorithms. As a result, business IT systems can be created 10x faster, 20x more cost-efficiently, 30x as easily.

HRM Productive24 was developed based on the Productive24 platform which enables a business person, e.g. an analyst, to build and advanced IT system dedicated to a given department or the whole company from scratch to finish, independently and very quickly. Programmers have been removed from the software development process and their usual work has been mostly replaced by algorithms. Why is this so important?

First of all, implementation like no other in IT.

The special nature of the platform results in a different approach to the system implementation – this is not a common IT project in which business meets IT. The implementation of a solution boils down to a conversation with a Productive24 analyst, who models the system single-handedly, based on the client’s requirements. Importantly, once created, the configuration translates immediately to a system operating both in a web browser and in mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows 10 installed on smartphones, which also work offline. This is especially important for employees in production facilities or large chain stores. Promptly and without programming, practically overnight. Productive24 also eliminates a number of existing barriers related to IT projects: increasing prices of services, decreasing market availability of IT specialists, long delivery of custom software, risks of project failure or limitations of “out-of-the-box” solutions.

Secondly, virtually unlimited flexibility.

Owing to the fact that HRM Productive24 was built with the Productive24 platform, the system can be instantly developed and modified when requirements or business/legal environments change. These modifications are implemented on-the-fly, without engaging programmers, and also work instantly both in the web and mobile applications without the need to change the software version. The speed and ease of use of the platform also means low costs of HRM Productive24 development in the future along with the company’s growth.

Thirdly, independence from the IT provider.

The creation of new HR document types or modification of the existing ones is done within minutes. The system also enables independent creation of templates for entire processes, e.g. defining the onboarding path for new employees by the HR team with regard to the department, workstation, etc. A wide range of capabilities in this respect can be granted both to the system administrator on the client’s side and the business owners of individual processes and their components. This way, HRM Productive24 can be adapted to new requirements and business realities by the client alone, without the need to involve the solution provider, and to a certain extent even without engaging the internal IT department.

Fourthly (and most importantly), 360° organization.

Owing to the flexibility of HRM Productive24, all system modules related to HR management can be connected with any processes in the organization.

A unique value of the platform is the ability to map any business processes executed in different departments and combine them all in one coherent system.

The system can be modeled as required by the company to reflect the performance of the organization. As a result, processes in Productive24 can permeate, combine and influence each other. For example, the HRM Productive24 system can be connected to the CRM system if only for the purpose of redirecting tasks in the event of an employee’s absence reported in the HRM system, or to the project management module for automatic analysis of vacancies, or to the HR legal unit to draft a contract, or commission the IT department to purchase equipment or licenses, etc.

HRM Productive24 can therefore provide not only a point of integration with e.g. HR payroll systems, but it can also be an effective tool for managing the entire organization, replacing many dispersed IT systems.