New highlight on Lublin’s event calendar: HR After Hours

21 May 2024
Jolanta Kozak
New highlight on Lublin’s event calendar: HR After Hours
2 min.

On the 6th of June, HR professionals from Lublin will gather for the inaugural ‘HR After Hours’ meetup. Attendees will enjoy inspiring speeches, engaging discussions, and a hands-on workshop. Networking will be a key focus, providing a valuable opportunity for exchanging experiences and ideas for HR development.

About HR After Hours

HR After Hours is the first such event on Lublin’s calendar, dedicated to HR professionals. This initiative aims to foster an environment for sharing experiences and best practices in human resource management among Lublin’s HR community.

What are we going to discuss?

The labor market is extremely dynamic, and constantly evolving due to changing trends and new technologies. Adapting to these changes, including generational shifts, is crucial as they influence the needs and expectations of both employees and employers. Modern human resource management necessitates considering employee competencies as early as their education stage to effectively prepare them for labor market challenges and to foster their development. The event’s agenda addresses these realities, focusing on talent identification and development, employee motivation, diversity management, key competencies, and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing within organizations. The event will conclude with a networking session, providing participants an opportunity to connect, exchange insights, and enjoy some delicious refreshments.

Expert Perspectives on HR

We have invited seasoned practitioners, including experts in talent management and development, as well as representatives from academia, the public sector, and business, to speak at HR After Hours. This diverse selection of speakers will provide a comprehensive view of current issues and trends in the People & Culture space, enabling us to gain valuable insights into market phenomena, both globally and locally.

The inaugural edition of HR After Hours will feature:

  • Katarzyna Jośko (CEO LUBhunters),
  • Katarzyna Frankowska (HR Director, Herbapol Lublin S.A.),
  • dr Marta Ryczkowska (Project Manager, Lublin 2029),
  • dr inż. Michalina Gryniewicz-Jaworska (Dean of Information Technology faculty, WSPA),
  • Oliwia Wójtowicz (Chief Specialist in Strategy and Investor Service Department, Lublin City Office),
  • Tomasz Smutek (Director of R&D Department, eLeader),
  • Monika Świderska (HR Product Manager, Productive24),
  • Paweł Więsek (Head of Business Development, Productive24).

The event will take place on June 6, 2024, at Productive24 (eLeader), located at 16 Naleczowska Street. Attendance is free of charge, however the seating is limited. We are starting at 17:00!