Employee onboarding: a case study on implementing Productive24 at Agata S.A.

9 May 2024
Jolanta Kozak
Employee onboarding: a case study on implementing Productive24 at Agata S.A.
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Successfully introducing employees to a company’s structure is essential for their performance and commitment. In large organizations, planning and executing effective onboarding can be particularly challenging. How did Agata S.A. address onboarding automation?

Remote employee onboarding in large enterprise

Onboarding is crucial for an organization’s functioning and has garnered significant attention among HR specialists. However, there is a lack of detailed analysis on how market leaders are improving their recruitment processes. This case study explores the digitization of employee onboarding at Agata S.A.

Agata S. A. systematically recruits and onboards hundreds of new candidates every year. As the chain is developing rapidly at some point, it was necessary to introduce a modern solution for digital employee onboarding. However, given the organization’s specific needs, the ready-made solutions available on the market did not meet its expectations. Thus, the company digitized its processes using a tailor-made solution built on the Productive24 platform.

Sebastian Harupa
IT Deputy Director
Agata S.A.

The primary challenge was mapping the multi-level dependencies within the company’s structure and the resulting user rights. The flexibility of the Productive24 platform was invaluable, allowing for a faithful replication of Agata S.A.’s processes.

Tangible benefits

Automating the onboarding processes with Productive24 significantly optimized efficiency, increasing it by 65% on the buddies’ side. This is just one of the many benefits of the project. What improvements were made to onboarding in the Agata store chain? Find the answers in our case study!

In the case study, you will learn about:

  • The needs of Agata S.A.: discover the main challenges that the company faced if it came to employee onboarding and how they were able to tackle them.
  • Employee onboarding automation: how with the aid of the Productive24 platform the company achieved onboarding automation.
  • Employee training and development: understand the L&D elements implemented to create a solid communication and development platform for employees.
  • The successful implementation of the Productive24 platform: Find out why the implementation of Productive24 was a success for Agata S.A., bringing numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and better data security.

Download the case study and explore the capabilities of the low-code Productive24 platform. Discover how modern technology can transform processes in your company!

For more background on the implementation, read our interview with Sebastian Harupa and Magdalena Krawczyk (Senior HR Projects Specialist at Agata S.A). The interview focuses on Agata S.A.’s approach to digitizing its unique processes and supporting new employees through tailored onboarding.

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