Data in the HR Department – HR Data Forum 2020

Jolanta Kozak
Data in the HR Department – HR Data Forum 2020
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The main theme of HR Data Forum was based around issues of data analysis in modern HR Departments. We are pleased to announce that Productive24 became the patron of the event.

Participants of this year’s edition had the opportunity to listen to many fascinating talks. For example:

  • Is it possible for HR to cooperate with the management team and the business itself in a profitable way?
  • How to effectively use predictive analysis in HR departments?
  • How to effectively use artificial intelligence in HR analysis?
  • Do discrete measurements in the HR make any sense?
  • How to efficiently use the organization’s technological resources for the HR department?

People Analytics – Human in the world of data

The automation of HR processes has lots of benefits. It enables us to shorten the strategic decision-making process, collect precise and detailed information, but most importantly to make our work more efficient.  Mrs. Monika Zowczak, the HR Director at Antalis Poland, raised a very important issue associated with maintaining harmony between the human factor in the organization and automation of the HR department. During her presentation titled “Data overload – how to talk about data and still have a human factor at the center?”, she underlines the importance of relying not only on data from an advanced analysis but also on the understanding of the people during the decision making process. It is crucial as they form the whole organization and create a unique culture inside it.  The example provided by Zowczak was based on people analytics trend that includes employee engagement survey. Those measures are based not on the subjective opinion of each employee but on the analysis of their daily activity in the system, main actions and the time necessary to complete them. Therefore, with the aid of special algorithms, the data is transformed into precise information about their mood and stress level. Thus, the system is able to measure the changes in both of them. It is a perfect example of using data in HR not only to create advanced and complex statistics but also to guarantee an individual approach to each employee.

Nowadays, HR professionals are not only people who know perfectly the labor law and main HR processes, but they are primarily analysts with the ability to think strategically and skills to use modern communication tools. It is crucial to remember that during using those tools we shouldn’t forget about the most important factor: a human being.

Management Board and the HR departament

Magdalena Wróbel, Director of the Department of Human Resources Management at KGHM Poland, has focused on highlighting the main expectations that are given to HR departments by The Board of Directors. The most important are macro data, strategy, performance, costs, and rivalry among the industry. All this information must be collected and provided by HR as quickly as possible, with a perfectly prepared action plan. The HR department is obliged to treat the Management Board as a strategic client, as well as to identify professional and personal needs and base the whole conclusion on the data collected.

So what is the recipe for an effective HR given by Mrs. Magdalena? First of all, strategy, appropriate organizational culture, commitment and emotions, readiness for change and agility in action.

Magdalena Wróbel, Director of the Department of Human Resources Management at KGHM Poland.

Data Department in the organization

Mrs. Edyta Kruszewska, Director of the Human Resources Management in P. P. “Porty Lotnicze” in her presentation titled ”The cooperation of HR and with the Data department – how to effectively allocate the competencies in the structure of the organization?”, has not only identify the location of a Data Department in the organization but also provided us with some tips about collecting and organizing the right data properly. She listed the most desirable skills and competencies as well as future-oriented professions, which will play an invaluable role in the development of modern companies. Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, and Operations Managers are the TOP3 professions. For their work, however, they will need professional systems and adequate tools that will not only help to analyze the present situation but also to evaluate the further plans for the development of the organization. The ubiquitous trend in analysis, the need for self-improvement and the pursuit of perfection are just some of the reasons why organizations choose to measure their results so precisely.

Edyta Kruszewska, Dyrektor Director of the Human Resources Management in P.P. “Porty Lotnicze”.

HRM Productive24 system fits perfectly into the main topic of HR Data Forum.

The HRM solution built on the Productive24 platform fitted perfectly into the subject of HR Data Forum. Thanks to Productive24 technology, the system is as flexible as possible and can be easily adapted to changing business requirements. The system organizes and automates HR processes (from recruitment, through onboarding, HR administration, employee development, to off-boarding), but this is not the only thing offered by HRM Productive24. The system also offers Operations management, budgeting, project management, back-office process organization and many, many more.

More details about the system are available at HRM Productive24.

We highly encourage you to go through the report prepared by HR Data Forum.