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Małgorzata Rząd-Poźniak
Growth Strategist, Productive24
Interested in e-strategies for business, reengineering sales and marketing, and above all in hacking growth and automation of business processes. For many years cooperating with Finanteq (Head of Business). MBA IT.
Paweł Więsek
Head of Business Development, Productive24
A humanist by education, a new technologies enthusiast by passion, he has coordinated transformation projects on behalf of Productive24 in organizations such as Maspex, Danone, Adecco, Leroy Merlin, Nutricia and LW Bogdanka.
Jolanta Kozak
Marketing Specialist, Productive24
London Metropolitan University Graduate with BA(Hons) in Business Management and Marketing. Passionate about new forms of marketing communication, digital marketing and latest technology innovations.
Bartłomiej Niezabitowski
Attorney at law
Attorney at law, member of the Lublin Bar Association. He specializes in commercial, copyright and personal data protection law. In addition, his interests include cybersecurity risk management.
Karolina Felczak
Market Trends Researcher, Productive24
Trendwatcher by profession and passion. Experienced in market trends analysis, including Customer Experience and Employee Experience. Interested in Design Thinking and implementing innovations within organizations.